Which building shape has the lowest impact? What materials have the lowest impact? Will this low-impact solution cost extra? Is in-use energy optimised with embodied impacts? What about impacts other than carbon? How does my building's impact compare to the norm? Is this design cost-effective over the building life? How will this change affect my BREEAM credits?

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT allows construction professionals to measure the embodied environmental impact and life cycle cost performance of buildings. IMPACT is integrated into 3D CAD/BIM (Building Information Modelling) software tools. The results generated by IMPACT can be used in whole building assessment schemes like BREEAM. Read More...

How do I get IMPACT?

IMPACT is designed to work within 3D/BIM software tools recognised by the 'IMPACT Compliant' logo.

IES were the first developer to release IMPACT Compliant software tools. Read more...


Integration with whole building assessment schemes

Whole building life cycle assessment (LCA)

Life cycle costing


More features...

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One Click LCA, developed by Bionova Ltd, is now IMPACT compliant.

See an introduction video to IES-VE IMPACT HERE...

See an introduction video to eTool HERE...

Case study - using IMPACT compliant to measure embodied carbon of retail development